Scientific Secretariat  
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  • Founder Members
  • Prof. Annette Bygum, MD, Denmark
    Prof. Camilla Frances, MD, France
    Prof. Peter Fritsch, MD, Austria
    Prof. Mary Gantcheva, MD, Bulgaria
    Prof. Giampiero Girolomoni, MD, Italy
    Prof. Lajos Kemeney, MD, Hungary
    Prof. Thomas A. Luger, MD, Germany
    Prof. Megan Mowbray, MD, Scotland
    Prof. Ulpu Seerialho-Kere, MD, Finland
    Prof. Michael Sticherling, MD, Germany
    Prof. Alexander Stratigos, MD, Greece
    Prof. Anna Wozniacka, MD, Poland


  • Ordinary Members
  • If you would like to apply for an Ordinary Membership according to the Articles of Association of EUSCLE e.V. please send the Fax Reply to the Scientific Secretariat of EUSCLE e.V..