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EUSCLE e.V. has the goal to collect epidemiological data of patients with different subtypes of cutaneous lupus erythematosus (CLE) from many European centers. These data will be used to develop diagnostic and therapeutic guidelines and will also be provided to the participating centers for further studies Click here to view the aims of EUSCLE e.V..

If you are interested in the new web-based Core Set Questionnaire of EUSCLE e.V. please send an email with the following information to the Scientific Secretariat ( or do not hesitate to contact us:

- Center (e.g., University of Muenster, Germany)
- Principal Investigator (e.g., Heinrich Mustermann)
- Degree (e.g., MD)
- Expected Number of Total Enrollment (e.g., 1000)
- Department (e.g., Department of Dermatology)
- Institution (e.g., University of Muenster)
- Street (e.g., Von-Esmarch-Straße 58)
- City (e.g., Muenster)
- ZIP (e.g., 48149)
- Country (e.g., Germany)
- Contact Name (e.g., Sabine Mayer)
- Phone (e.g., +49-(0)251-8352210)
- Email (e.g.,

All data included in the web-based EUSCLE Core Set Questionnaire will remain confidential and will not be used or published without your permission and co-authorship. In addition, we appreciate if you would apply for an Ordinary Membership of EUSCLE e.V. (see Fax Reply).